About Next Generation

Next Generation Foundation also called NextGen is a foundation that provides support to the future leaders through education, consultation and scholarships.

We believe the future holds great promise for the next generation. We see a generation that make enormous contributions to the world, and to their communities — if given the chance.

We believe every single youth matters and that once they are given food, clothing and shelter, there is no better way to break the poverty cycle than education.

People help people; we should therefore support matters that will ensure the future leaders acquires knowledge, capacities, skills and ethical values needed for development, good governance, peace and social inclusion.

Our Mission

Build smarter next generation leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

We seek a community where poverty will not prevent smart people from reaching their potentials.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity – Be open, transparent and accountable
  2. Respect – Respect and engage all partners and stakeholders
  3. Commitment – development of next-generation leaders


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  1. Lamin Jobarteh // 4-Feb-2018 at 7:33 am // Reply

    Hello Ebrima

    First of all, Great initiative and BRAVO to such an amazing initiative.

    I am Gambian and currently live in Atlanta GA. I am so eager for Gambia to be a better place for all her citizens, and that being said, wondering if there is anyway I can contribute to “NextGen”. I want to help in any shape performed in moving our nation beyond the shadow of the 22 years of dictatorship.

    Again, amazing move in coming with such an idea!!


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